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Lolo Jewelry

Twisted Bangle - Sterling Silver

Twisted Bangle - Sterling Silver

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Lolo jewelry is designed with you in mind and made with special care. All of the metals are sterling silver based and contains no nickel which causes allergic reactions. 

Gold Vermeil: 
Gold Vermeil is a thick layer of gold onto sterling silver not a base metal. Because of the quality of metals used it is hypoallergenic. 
How to Care for Your Jewellery 

Overtime all metals can tarnish and/or lose their lustre. To prevent this process it is important to avoid exposure to the air when not wearing. Keep your jewellery in airtight containers or ziploc bags to prevent or slow down the oxidation process.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, lotion, chlorine and cleaning products. Remove all jewellery when washing hands or hand washing dishes.  We do not recommend wearing your jewellery in pools, the shower or while exercising. We know it isn't always easy to remember! It's also important to keep in mind that our body's natural chemistry can expedite the oxidization process.  

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