Lumi Bunny + Grey Harem Romper

Lumi Bunny + Grey Harem Romper


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This Canadian handcrafted Huggabeau brunny is made from 100% linen that is soft, certified non-toxic and comes from a Belgium flax plant. Playful but sophisticated, minimalistic and timeless, this lovey is a keepsake that will grow with a child from birth to old age. Its sweet face is embroidered, as is the linen coloured heart on its chest that lets the hugger know that love is behind it all. 

Lumi Bunny is wearing Huggabeau's Bubble Romper in Grey. Clothing and accessories are easily removable.

Approximately 12"

Hypoallergenic polyester filling made from recycled materials. Machine washable in delicate and cold water settings. Hang dry.