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Bamboo Sleep Sack (0.5 TOG) - Stripe

Bamboo Sleep Sack (0.5 TOG) - Stripe


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The.5 TOG has no fill for a better sleep in warmer temps. It's silky soft bamboo rayon keeps your little nugget comfy while the one-of-a-kind WONDERZiP® keeps them covered, even during diaper changes. So get ready to sleep a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

  • Little One stays covered & cuddled during easy peasy diaper changes
  • Scientific research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight, from shoulder to toe, soothes baby into a deeper sleep cycle.
  • Being gently cocooned in a comforting weight increases serotonin & relaxation, and naturally reduces anxiety by giving the same all-over sensation as a full-on giant cuddle
  • Wider + longer fit to comfortably fold and kick those legs
  • Shoulder snaps are a blessing for sleeping baby transfers + even more in & out ease
  • Due to lack of quilting, the 0.5 TOG Sleep Bag tends to run bigger and have more stretch.